I started contributing to opensource almost a year ago while working with Teamed.io. In the meantime I also started my own projects which are all out in the open, on Github. Some worth mentioning are: a webcrawler, an evolutionary algorithm framework and a Github chatbot.

Now, when all of them have a pretty solid shape, I am looking for contributors. This is not only because I don’t have enough time to take care of everything, but also because I believe if a project doesn’t have more contributors, it is not known and so it won’t fly for too long (if it ever takes off, that is).

Besides the existing ones, I also have other ideas which I think would be cool to implement. The latest one I had was an object-oriented YAML parser for Java. There is already one but it’s old and not maintained anymore.

Here are some details about the workflow:

  • PDD should always be used
  • DevOps routines, including merging of PRs are done by rultor
  • Puzzles in the code are turned into Github Issues and eventually closed by 0pdd
  • Nothing is to be left without a unit test. e.g. If you have a task asking you to implement a method it is understood that also at least one unit test is expected.
  • Small tasks: 30min to 1h estimation. If the task is too big or defined in a very abstract manner, outline the solution and puzzle the rest of the job out.

Key technologies: java, but also others are welcomed. e.g. I myself would like to have a chance to learn Ruby, so if you have an idea of a cool Ruby library, we could work on it together, and you would play the archtiect role.

This chance is for every developer that has at least a medium knowledge of OOP and wants to learn something and exercise their knowledge outside college or the 9-to-5 office routine.

So, if you’re interested, drop me a line and we’ll talk.